Who are you? Silvan Nikolic

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

Today in the ”who are you” series we interview a very special character in Ninjas in Pyjamas staff, he’s a man with two faces. He will be playing in the upcoming Virtus.Pro Staff Cup#1. His name is Silvan ”2Face” Nikolic and works as a journalist for Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Working with gaming
NiP saw an opportunity in me, and I will not let them down, it is a wonderful and amazing job that has made me what I am today, especially considering all the viewers i had casting the matches who had to deal with me starting off very very bad. Since then i swore to improve and i have made great changes that lead me to be thanks to the community something i always wanted to be.
Working as a caster is really hard, just as being a journalist you need to be yourself but still exciting and funny, where that is a balance I am still learning even today.

Gaming today
I am playing with friends CS:GO and BF4 when the time allows it, and when i am not casting or writing articles for NiP. I love how the scenes today evolved and how all of us had the opportunity to become something and do something for their game.
I play CS every day from 4-6 hours and yes, betting skins is one of the greatest passions.

Outside of gaming
When not playing, I am most of the time singing and actually recording music. I have spent many nights on recording in my home studio, and it is definitely one of my greatest passions. Even some nights where i am sitting home alone, and it is freezing outside, you would be able to see me play guitar and write lyrics down and creating magic!
I am very happy for the chance that NiP has presented me, being part of such a wonderful community where I can evolve as a caster but also as a man, that is giving back to a game that has given us so much.

10672199_305562192982320_9150564083515586650_nName: Silvan Nikolic
Age: 24 years
Nick: 2Face
City: Copenhagen



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