No six-pack stream I guess

av Madeleine Leander

Yesterday twitch updated their Rules of Conduct. Since then I’ve seen a lot of comments about the new rules. But in fact the new rules are basically the same as before. Not much have changed. In my book, the rules are fine but I don’t like they way they are written down. I would have preferred if they were more clear and less humorous.

I like how they want to keep the streaming service about video games and gameplay, just as before. But I really hope some entertainment between games will still be allowed. Like the “pain cam”  Christoffer ”Namshar” Kolmodin is using on his stream.


Basically he is working out after losing a game and it inspires me to do the same. I love it! When I think about it, I should do the same next time I stream. But I guess I have to keep my six-pack to myself since it is now against the rules to show it off.

I like how Twitch wants to take action against racism and sexism and how they want more positive content.

“What we will tell you, however, is that if you choose to use language or produce content that is racist, sexist, homophobic or falls under generally accepted guidelines for hate speech, you will quite likely be suspended.”

But when it comes to the language I think taking action in the Twitch chat is just as important. Yes, the chat is funny and great in many cases but there are problems and I think there are solutions to those.

In the updated rules Twitch prohibit both men and woman from wearing sexually suggestive clothing.

“Wearing no clothing or sexually suggestive clothing – including lingerie, swimsuits, pasties, and undergarments – will most likely get you suspended,…”

I think this can be read in different ways. Some seem to think of it as a way to get rid of what they call “girls taking advantage of their looks”. I’m a bit tired of comments like that to be honest. I think the way the rules are written and the possibility to report streamers might result in reports about girls dressing sexy when in fact they are just wearing normal clothes, because that is what most female (and male) streamers are wearing. The rules are very unclear, not only about what is actually not allowed but also about how violations will be treated. Many things will ”most likely get you suspended”. And who decides what is too sexually suggestive?




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