StarSeries Strong Start

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

The first day of StarSeries LAN finals has come to and end and sees The Ninjas sail through winning both games 2-0.

The day started off early at 10AM CET with a match against Titan. The maps were Cache (Titans pick), Dust 2 (NIP pick) and Mirage should it be needed. The first map, Cache, was going strong and the boys looked sure to seal the victory with 15 rounds on the board to Titan’s 10. However, Titan gave an impressive fight back and took us to overtime. After much back and forth, NiP managed to take the first map 25-22. Whilst GeT_RiGhT thought “we could (have) won over them earlier on cache” he was ultimately correct in saying “But doesn’t matter, win is a win! #‎GONINJAS

The second map was Dust 2 and it got off to a rocky start, being down 1-9 at one point on the CT side. However the boys managed to bring the half back to a 6-9 scoreline in the favour of Titan, setting up for a hopefully strong T side to win the map. Moving on to said Terrorist side, the team did not disappoint and dropped only two rounds to take the map 16-11 and the game 2-0.

This win over Titan saw the Ninjas advance onto take on Virtus Pro, a well respected team who have proved many times in the past they can bring a strong game to any opponent. The maps were Mirage, Inferno and Nuke, however the third map was not to be needed as the boys took both matches 16-6 with strong first half scores in both, 14-1 on Mirage and 12-3 on inferno. To see the boys get the win on inferno in impressive fashion is a great confidence boost as there have been some issues of late finding their best combination of positions and plays for the map.

After such a strong performance on the first day, we can surely believe the number 1 spot can be ours! We now move on to face Team EnVyUs, scheduled to take place at 19:00 CET. The confidence for this match will be high as, despite having some recent difficulties against the French team, the last victory went the way of NiP online and they will be looking to build on this success.

Lets make another final, and this time, return home victorious! #GONINJAS



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