TBT Adam ”Friberg” Friberg AMA

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

About one year ago Adam ”friberg” Friberg did an AMA on Reddit and for this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re picking out the best bits from that AMA so that you don’t have to. Enjoy!

Q: What do you get on this? Just wondering.

A: Avarage 205!

Q: Who is the best entry fragger and why is it you?

A: I am because I’m confident in doing it!

Q: Name three players that you really look up to.

A: Except for my team mates, I would say RpK, ferus and shoxie. All these 3 players were extremely good in CS:Source and I’ve tried to learn how they played.

Q: If you could be a pro in any other game,what game would you choose? 🙂

A: I love team games so it would be another team game, maybe LoL or Dota2 etc

Q: How often do you wear your NiP onesie?

A: Almost too much 🙂 Its so nice when ur just relaxing at home!

Q: Hi Adam, Whats most importarnt thing to become pro player ?

A: I think it’s about dedication. To play a lot and try to learn by watching other pro players.

What I did was that I found a bunch of guys that I played with for a very long time (we still play from time to time) and we helped eachother improve! Plus that we had loads of fun playing together 😉

Q: Favourite CSGO skin evar?!

I love my Case Hardened skins! Stattrak Bayonet Case Hardened Karambit Case Hardened Stattrak AK47 Case hardened!

Q: Is it true that you can do a backflip !?

yeah, online only though, not IRL



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