Team Property drops CS:GO male team

av Aron Larsson

Today we can announce that we have decided to drop the current CS:GO male team effective immediately. We had to take a step back and re-evaluate the lineup due to the long line of poor results.

“It comes as no surprise that we have been struggling with the results lately and the frustration within the team has been inevitable. I felt we had a lot of flaws as a team aswell as all the players had problems they needed to resolve themselves. I saw no scapegoat and felt no individual was solely to blame for our dip in form. I wanted to work on our problems together, as a team, but unfortunately the players did not feel the same. They wanted to do a minor roster change in belief that all problems would magically disappear. When looking at the potential outcomes from a player change I still didn’t believe it would solve our long-term problems. Weighing my options against each other, I came to no other conclusion than to let the team go.” – Viktor “vuggo” Jendeby Manager CS:GO male

“Our recent form has been disappointing for everyone, both for our fans and ourselves. We literally hit rock bottom and felt that something needed to happen. In long discussions with Viktor about different options we decided to split ways. We are still very grateful for everything Team Property have done for us, they stood behind us and believed in us even when we didn’t even do it ourselves. Thanks to all fans who have supported us, we will continue to play and hopefully come back stronger.” – Mattias “pauf” Köhler player

Team Property CS:GO male was;
Andreas “schneider” Lindberg
Simon “twist” Eliasson
Erik “zende” Sundeqvist
Mattias “pauf” Köhler
André “berg” Kjellberg

Team Property remains commited to building a world class CS:GO male team and will soon have more news for our CS:GO fans. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the players for their contributions during their stay under our banner.

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