Team Property statement regarding emilio

av Aron Larsson

We have investigated the cheating accusation made against Joel “emilio” Mako and found no way to prove his innocence. The claim he has made is that a friend of his played on one of his smurf accounts which mail is linked to his main account. We have found no way to prove this to Valve. Thus we have decided to not pursue this matter further.

”I can’t prove that my IRL friend is the one that has been cheating, and I know it’s retarded to even lend him the account in the first place. But to my excuse, I really didnt know that all your accounts gets banned if 1 gets affected. If I knew that I would never ever give him the account because I would never risk my career!” – Joel “emilio” Mako

Team Property had no knowledge about this and we will never accept this kind of behaviour from a player. Not only has he let us down on a personal level he has damaged the Team Property brand. We leave nothing to chance and what has happened is totally unacceptable. There really is no other words to describe what we felt when we got no confirmation or comment from Valve within 48 hours.

Team Property will never accept any form of cheating, we are in eSports for the long run and has been for the last four years. We understand you are angry and so are we because we put ourselves up to an incredibly high standard. We work with the teams all of our free hours so our players and teams can be up there with the worlds best and perform. This situation damages our momentum and things planned in the short term for the CS:GO team but we will continue to support CS:GO.

Fragbite Masters has been nothing but fair in this situation and we would like to extend our gratitude for their professional attitude in this matter. We hope we can participate in their upcoming leagues and tournaments.

“Right now it just feels so incredibly empty. Team Property will rise again but for now let us rebuild the CS:GO team. To all of our fans that still support is through the hard times thank you. You mean the world to us, much love <3” – Aron Larsson chairman Team Property

Effective immediately Joel “emilio” Mako is no longer part of Team Property.

As soon as we have a complete roster again we will announce it.



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