Team Property to invade France – Dreamhack Tours Preview

av Johan Ridell

DreamHack Tours is set to kick-off this year’s DreamHack Open, with 96 players attending the LAN in Tours, France.

On the 8th of May, the first ever DreamHack in France will open its doors. There will be quite a few notable players, such as the recent DreamHack champion ForGG, but also players like Hydra, Scarlett, and Snute, so it’ll be a very stacked tournament. Team Property will also send three players, in the form of Zanster, Mekar, and StarNaN. Originally, NaNiwa was supposed to attend, but due to personal reasons he won’t, so StarNaN took his slot. MorroW was also supposed to go, but unfortunately, he won’t attend either.

In the first group stage, StarNaN is in group C, together with Grumpy, Narcotic, and VeniVidiVins. Neither of them are well-known, so StarNaN should have a pretty good shot at making it to the second group stage. StarNaN also played some nice games in ESPORTSM last weekend, so I’d say he’ll probably win his matches. He himself also says he’s in pretty good shape at the moment.

Mekar is in group F, alongside the three Zerg’s FrosTMinD, Hino, and Rotab. Same goes for this group, so Mekar should be able make it out of the group.

Zanster’s first match is in the second group stage, where he’ll be playing in the same group as True, a quite well-known korean Zerg. Two players from group stage 1 will later be slotted into each group in stage 2, and the two losing players from group stage 1 will be eliminated from the tournament completely.

We’ll be providing written coverage here of the Property players’ matches, beginning on Friday with the first group stage and continuing onwards.

So will a french player be able to win the trophy on home soil? Or perhaps a swede? Or will the korean domination continue? We’ll have to wait and see! The first group stage starts at 11.30 CET and we will make sure to give you a shout if we find any stream covering our matches!

Best of luck to all the players attending!

Written by: Linn Jutemark



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