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Team YP censored by tournament organizers – here is their countermove

av Simon Engstrand
Team YP Jersey
Team YP:s jersey. Photo: Team YP

The staff of Team YP has worked hard to distinguish themselves from the parent company YouPorn, yet the team remains controversial.
The organizers behind Capcom Cup recently decided to forbid YP players to wear team jerseys – and now YP responds with self censorship.
”I believe we’ve made it clear that we respect the concerns of the industry with regards to our sponsorship”, says Brad Burns, VP of Operations at Team YP.

Many staff members of the porn site YouPorn were gamers and got the idea to create an esports division within the company. It all escalated and instead a new organisation, Team YP, was created. Since then the people behind team YP have worked hard to distinguish themselves from the porn industry.
”Team YP is positioned as a safe for work brand, avoiding any mentions of parent company YouPorn on the team’s website, social media accounts and jersey”, the organisation says in a press release and continues:
”However, even with these measures, it was not enough to satisfy every single person on the planet”.

The statement comes after being denied to wear Team YP jerseys at the Capcom Cup tourney in California, USA. According to Team YP, the event organizers said Valentin ”Valmaster” Petit, Ultimate Street Fighter player for Team YP, was welcome to compete only if he did not wear his team jersey and the team name would be removed from his nameplate.

Team YP has now responded with an unusual, to say the least, and comical move, which they say is an attempt to show how far they are willing to go to separate themselves from the porn industry.

From now on their team jerseys won’t be showing sponsors nor the teams name. Instead a blurred and self censored logo will decorate the Team YP players chests at tournaments.
With this new design, I believe we’ve made it clear that we respect the concerns of the industry with regards to our sponsorship” says Brad Burns, VP of Operations at Team YP.



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