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av Johan Ridell

After day one of Dreamhack Summer the hype for all the E-Sport is really taking place. People gathering to watch Dota 2, Counter-Strike and Hearthstone, together with several other game titles.
As a Hearthstone fanatic I was gladly surprised by the format change in the official Dreamhack Hearthstone tournament compared from last year, where there were 2 spots obtainable from online qualifiers, and the rest invited players. This year Dreamhack decided to switch things up, and allowing all players to be able to join the Hearthstone Grand Prix tournament, with a 40.000 USD price-pool. This is great news for the community, for aspiring players that wants the chance to play against the pro players in the scene, and is a great opportunity for the up-comers of the Hearthstone scene to really show their skill.

Day 1 of the swiss format qualifier into the finals showed us a lot of big upsets, with players like Team Liquid Neirea and the current Blizzcon Champion Firebat, playing for Team Archon both going out of the tournament with a 0-3 score in the first three swiss rounds. We have seen alot of up and comers performing well, The Norwegian IESF Represent from 2014, Kanelsnurr going 4-0 in the first 4 rounds of the tournament. With a 128 slot tournament, i personally feel that Dreamhack is starting to realize that Hearthstone is one of the biggest up and coming E-Sport games out there. This tournament is hopefully a tournament where we can see a few new names evolve into the scene.
This is also the first open tournament where we see a lot of asian players joining the tournament to play for the title of Dreamhack Champion which is unusual, even to during 2015 asia is making a name for themselves in the Hearthstone Scene.

We also did see the E-Sport SM Finals during day 1, with Team Darkstars Schismatron vs Trig. Esports Powder, two of Swedens top tier players battling it up for the 50.000 SEK prize money and the title of Swedish Champion in Hearthstone. After a great BO5, with close games going into the 5th and final game we did see Team Darkstars Schismatron bringing home the trophy and title.

To summarize all this, I personally do believe that 2015 is the year of Hearthstone, where we will see a lot of new Hearthstone tournaments and hopefully an even bigger community. Dreamhack Summer is the start of an new era. The Hearthstone Era.

Written by William ”sAywe” Wessman



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