Three players in the ESPORTSM qualifier

av Johan Ridell

This weekend the fourth and last qualifier in Starcraft 2 at ESPORTSM starts. The 2nd of May, Team Property’s Zanster, StarNaN, Snuffe will face off against Karnage eSports Namshar, for a spot at the DreamHack finals. MorroW, NaNiwa and SortOf have already taken their places there and now we will see who will join them.

Zanster stated in an earlier interview that he expects win the qualifier and that he feels his chances increased sense his Zerg vs Protoss has improved. He did advance to the latest heats but did not manage to win them. For this heat he qualified by beating Najzmajz, Multi, och Avokado.

StarNaN also made it to the heat but did not qualify to the finals. This time MaFarazZo, teammate  Mekar and Winter was the opponents to reach the heat.
Snuffe won against Ghost and like StarNaN, also beat Mekar. Snuffe is one of our players that did not qualify through the previous heats. So it will be interesting to see how far he will go.

Namshar is a well known face and has also made his way through the heat. This time by beating SebbeZ and Winter

With three of our players in the race, gives us a pretty good chance to advance through the last heat. Property of late has become the best Starcraft 2 team in Sweden, with so many strong players on its roster. The Starcraft 2 manager Pedram “Alurian” Suneskog stated that: “We are the best in Sweden because we have invested wholeheartedly in Starcraft 2, we have recruited the right players to build our team, we are never content, even if we have great team we are never satisfied, that we want to constantly evolve.”

Only time will tell if Team Property will remain on top and that the team becomes better and better.

Written by: Linn Jutemark



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