Twist talks about the recent patch ”Tec9 still too powerful”

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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the players in Team Property; Simon Eliasson, better known by the crowd as the AWP-wielding ”Twist”. Since the patch that was installed the 31st of March to Counter Strike: Global Offensive there has been a lot of changes, ranging from map configurations to alterations in the gameplay. I called him up and let him shine some light upon the changes from the perspective of a professional player.

My first question to you is; the accuracy of the SMGs MP9, MP7 and Mac-10 has improved. Does that affect your choice of weapons during the match?
Of course, especially in the anti-eco rounds. The improved accuracy of the SMGs, like the MP9, makes it easier to handle the opposing Tec-9s for example.

The price of the M4A1-S rifle has been raised from 3100$ to 3200$. Does this generate any problems?
No, that does not make any significant difference. Everybody keeps playing it because it is such a standard rifle to use, so the slight change of price does not affect our choosing of rifles.

The Tec-9 pistol has been observed as an over powered weapon for a long time and has now went through a reduction of magazine, from 32 bullets to 24. Is this more balanced than earlier or not?
No, I do not think so actually. It is still a too powerful weapon and personally I think it should be nerfed further, like making it shoot slower or an additional magazine reduction.

And now, probably the most noticeable change in this patch, the reduced mobility when using scoped AWPs and auto-snipers. How does that affect your training and gameplay?
It was not that bad of a change actually. At first I thought it was the end, that you had to stop using the AWP, but it did not make much of a difference. You just had to stop using shift when scoping and it turned out alright after all.


What are your opinion of the change of maps between Nuke and Train?
I actually look forward to playing Train again! Now that the map itself has been updated with new additions and changes, I find that very fun and positive.

In the beginning of May you will play the qualifier for the Counter Pit League against teams as Gamers2, Mousesports and Team Orbit. How do you prepare for these coming matches?
Play a lot of games, practice a lot individually and also practice and learn new maps. Continue doing what we always have done, basically.

Overall; what are your opinion of the patch itself in general, positive or negative?
I don’t think anyone is having something against it. Perhaps the SMGs need to be looked at again.

Do you think the SMGs have been buffed a bit too much?
Yes, exactly. I think you can bring them down a notch. Except that, it is generally alright.

Alright then, that was all of my questions. I thank you for your time and good luck with future games!
Thank you.

You will be able to see the talented Twist and his outstanding team in soon-to-come matches, including the mentioned Counter Pit League; an online championship tournament where big teams from all over Europe has been invited to play for a prize check of 50’000$. There we will witness, among many more, France’s Team EnvyUs, Ukraine’s Na’Vi Gaming and Sweden’s Ninjas in Pyjamas. A total of 12 teams will compete, where ten teams have been invited and additional eight teams, including Team Property, will fight in the qualification for the remaining two spots in the league, beginning the 1st of May.
Do not forget to tune in to these matches and show Sweden’s up and coming Team Property your support when they face a number of Europe’s finest teams in May.

Written by Emil Sommer



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