WCS Challenger matches decided – Time to reach Premier

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On the 27th of April it’s time for the second season of WCS to kick off its Challenger matches. Team Property has three players who will fight for a slot in Premier: Zanster, NaNiwa, and MorroW. The groups for premier have not been drawn yet, but we know who’s facing who!

The players from previous season’s Premier League received the benefit to choose their opponents. Zanster, who unfortunately didn’t finish in Premier last season, ended up getting picked by FireCake. FireCake recently won Gamers Assembly and got quite far in the Fragbite Masters tournament. He made it to top 16 in the last Premier season, where Polt managed to defeat the French Zerg. Zanster has faced him before, and that time Zanster won 3-0. He’s stated that “since the swarmhost got nerfed he shouldn’t be too difficult”. In addition he is only practicing ZvZ at the moment, so he feels well prepared for the coming challenge.

If he wins this series he doesn’t really care about who he’ll face next, as he feels quite comfortable in all of his match-ups. He would like to avoid Hydra and Harstem though, since the Dutch Protoss is well aware of his playstyle, and he thinks Hydra is currently the best performing player in WCS.

MorroW chose to face Petraeus, also a Zerg player who managed to grab one of the last slots to WCS this season together with Harstem. So far he has not won any major events, but by placing high in different events he shows that he’s a player to be handled with care.

NaNiwa, who also had the chance to pick his opponent, will go up against the German Protoss GungFuBanda. He made his mark in the foreigner scene last year by placing second in Fragbite Masters, but also reaching quite far in the last season of WCS. we will see how this PvP match will end up for NaNiwa, as last season it was the Protoss Has who managed to eliminate him from WCS.

NaNiwa and Zanster will be playing their matches on the 29th, and MorroW on the 30th

Writer: Linn Jutemark



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