Welcome to my blog: An introduction.

av Madeleine Leander

Hello there!

I’m Madeleine Leander, more known as MaddeLisk in the world of online gaming. Starting today I will make blog posts quite regularly over here.

First of all I just want to say that I’m super happy that Aftonbladet is starting a new esports site. This is definitely something that will help making esports (electronic sports) more mainstream and it’s a huge step for Swedish esports.

So, who am I?

Some might say I’m a gaming nerd, others that I’m a math nerd and some that I’m a workout addict. Most people however might know me as a nutella addict… In a way they are all true. Other than that I’m a short girl with long hair, big muscles and a big smile. I think a lot, sometimes too much, about everything and nothing.

I play the real time strategy game StarCraft 2 for the French team Millenium. My best achievement so far is winning the female World Championship hosted by IeSF 2013. I’m playing quite a lot and I’m also casting some, mostly in Swedish.


When people ask me what I do for a living my answer is however usually not that I’m a gamer. Gaming might be more accepted in Sweden than in many other countries but to some people it’s still a scary mystery. My response to the question is instead that I’m studying mathematics. I’m currently doing my PhD at Stockholm University. At the moment I’m working part time at the University and part time with esports.

Other than that I go to the gym A LOT. During the summer I started going to outdoor gyms and I loved it. I will continue with body weight exercises and tell you how it goes :).

And what will I write about?

I will of course write about StarCraft 2, esports and gaming in general but since working out is also a big part of my life I might add some of that too. Oh, and some mathematics or whatever is on my mind :). I will write some posts in English and some in Swedish, depending on the content and what I feel like.

If you want me to write about something special please let me know and I might make it happen. I might also add some videos and other content too

<3 MaddeLisk



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