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”It will be Europe’s largest multi-title eSports event of all time”

av Tobias Lundgren

Gfinity is planning something huge for eSports in 2015.
Besides 30 offline events and 500 000 dollars they’re promising to host ”the largest multi-title eSports event of all time” in Europe.
”The Gfinity Championship 2015 LAN will take place at one of the biggest arenas in the UK”, the company states in their press release.

The Gfinity company was started in 2013 and its goal was to promote eSports in the UK. After hosting tournaments for two years, they’re now going all in during 2015.
”We think it’s time that eSports is catapulted to the level of mainstream sports and next year we’re going to make that happen. We thought it’s about time to unveil the ground-breaking plans we have in store; plans that mean more eSports participation, more eSports exposure and a fantastic future for the community.”, they state in a press release.

Will pay for accomodations and travels

Besides building an eSports studio in London, with room for 500 spectators who can watch the live tournaments on site, Gfinity are promising 30 offline tournaments between March and September. The games hosted are CoD: Advanced Warfare, CS:GO, Starcraft II, Fifa and new additions Halo and Hearthstone.
Of the 30 tournaments, six of them will be ”majors” where the company will make sure to accomodate visiting teams in the best possible way.
We think it’s time that eSports players were treated like the athletes they are. To ensure that this is the case, we’re proud to announce that all travel and accommodation costs for the Gfinity Major Tournaments will be paid for by Gfinity”.

Raised the bar extremely high

But perhaps the most exiting part of the press release is about the Gfinity Championship 2015 LAN finals in September. This year, Gfinity3 was played in Copperbox Arena with room for 7000 people in attendance. In 2015, they’ve raised the bar extremely high.
”The season will culminate in the Gfinity Championship 2015 LAN that will take place at one of the biggest arenas in the UK, marking the event as Europe’s largest multi-title eSports event of all time”.
The name of the arena mentioned is not yet known.

But what is known is the total prize pool of 500 000 dollars. Gfinity are releasing the schedule for next years competitions shortly.



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