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Swedish Magic the Gathering player recruited for new Hearthstone team

av Simon Engstrand

Keita Gamign Hearthstone

Keita Gaming first started out as an attempt to fuel new life in to the grassroots of Counter-strike and has since then grown. Aftonbladet Esport can now reveal their latest expansion: A new Hearthstone-team with former Magic the Gathering player Kenny ”Kenobe” Öberg in the front lines.
– I have a lot to learn, but in many ways it’s an easy game to pick up, Kenobe tells Aftonbladet Esport.

The seed that was to become Keita Gaming was first sown when Rasmus ”iNs8T” Sandström and Dan ”Raimat” Andréasson glanced upon the tournament life in the grassroots of Counter-strike.
– The ammount of tournaments had started to thin out, at least tournaments that held high standards. So we spoke and decided that we should start something of our own. First and foremost in CS, but then we also started with more games.

Since that day, about four years ago, Keita Gaming has grown and today they host multiple tournaments in four different games each week. And now Aftonbladet Esport can reveal their latest expansion: A new Hearthstone team with a famous Magic the Gathering player on the front lines.

”I have a lot to learn”

Besides Elias ”Gucceymane” Kranz, Consolidate winner Kevin ”Kevvec” Chan and Simon ”Trusted” Fransson the team also consists of their most famous profile: Formed Magic the Gathering player Kenny ”Kenobe” Öberg. With his ten years of experience, Kenobe is considered one of the greatest Swedish talents in Magic the Gathering, but so far he has only played Hearthstone for about four months.

Why did you switch to Hearthstone?
– Previously, I had only tested Hearthstone when it was first released, but then I quit playing it. Much later I was approached by Keita who sought players with previous experience in these types of games. He asked if I would consider going all out for Hearthstone. Keita gave a strong impression – and much of the Hearthstone tournaments are played online or in Europe, so it seemed practical. The competetive scene also appeared to have grown a lot the last year so I decided to give it a shot, Kenobe tells Aftonbladet Esport.

What do you think your chances are?
They can probably be quite good. I have a lot to learn but in many aspects it’s an easy game to pick up after my long background in Magic the Gathering. I have qualified for Assembly ASUS Rog that is in two weeks in Helsinki and that will be my first step into the professional scene.



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