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Orange about the MaSsan drama: ”I don’t think he’s got a career in Hearthstone any more”

av Simon Engstrand


Jon ”Orange” Westberg’s victory at Dreamhack Leipzig was somewhat overshadowed by the drama surrounding Cloud9 profile Harry ”MaSsan” Cheong.
Many believe he’s tinkering with his viewer numbers on Twitch and Orange seems to believe the theories.
– He won’t ever get invited to a tournament again, that’s completely obvious, Orange tells Aftonbladet Esport.

The year have started off strong for Swedish Team Archon star Jon ”Orange” Westberg. During Dreamhack Leipzig he got to climb to the top of the podium to receive the grand prize for his performance. From here on out, everything will continue to go smoothly according to the star himself.
– Last year I was new to the scene, there was so much going on. Different teams wanted me, I didn’t know how the esports scene worked, I met new people all the time and a lot of stuff happened that took away time and focus.
– This year I’m more established. I know what I’m doing, I have routines and stable practice partners. I enter this year with much bigger expectations than last year, and it have started out very, very well, the Swede tells Aftonbladet Esport.

According to Orange, he evolved and got thicker skin during the last year. In hindsight there are a few decisions he regret, but overall he is delighted with his choices, such as the decision to join Team Archon.
– That I’ve never regretted, rather the contrary, I’m incredibly happy with that. I’ve found practice partners and people I like.
– There is one thing I regret, which is that I didn’t fight harder to be on the team for Archon Team League. I wish I had fought harder to participate. When, or if, a second season is announced, I’d be very surprised if I’m not on our team.

”Streaming is the biggest source of exposure”

Other than practicing for tournaments, Orange puts a lot of effort and focus into live streaming on the web. Also, he has tried the role of a color commentator.

Is it a big part in Team Archon to be a profile?
– Yes, but I’d say that’s not unique for Team Archon. Na’vi is pretty much the only team out there that, in lack of a better word, that accept that their players don’t stream, Orange says and continues:
– It’s really not about doing your team a favor, it’s about doing yourself a favor. In Hearthstone, streaming is the biggest source of exposure and the best way to build a fan base, to make yourself more famous, so when you do perform in competitions it means much more, since more people are following you. Of course it is a part of my contract, that I have to stream, but first and foremost I view it as something I do for myself.

”They look at me as if I were an idiot”

As one of the big profiles in the Hearthstone scene and with savings from tournament winnings, Orange has made quite some money doing what most can only dream of, playing the game you love.

What do you do with the money?
– Last year there were some issues since I didn’t know where I wanted to live; USA, Sweden or perhaps some other part of Europe. However, now I’ve decided to stay in Sweden so right now I’m saving to buy a place of my own.
– We [Team Archon] recently got a team house in Las Vegas, and when I tell people I’d rather stay in Sweden they look at me as if were an idiot, but I have my reasons for staying.

”I don’t think he’s got a career in Hearthstone”

One of the most recent dramas in the Hearthstone scene surrounds the Cloud9 streamer and player Harry ”MaSsan” Cheong. The community has long suspected MaSsan is cheating with the viewer numbers on his Twitch channel. In January the debacle blew up as a Reddit user published supposed evidence.

Since then other community profiles have testified about stories and episodes regarding MaSsan. For example he supposedly offered money to other players to compete in his place.
– I hope he gets banned, Orange says on the subject and continues:
– We pretty much all agreed at Dreamhack that he’s getting banned any day now, it’s just a matter of time.

Banned from tournaments or Twitch, or what do you mean?
– He won’t ever get invited to a tournament again, that’s completely obvious, but hopefully he gets banned from Twitch as well.
– I don’t think he’s got a career in Hearthstone any more, but I’m afraid he’s already made so much money that he’s pretty okay with that.

Aftonbladet Esport reached out to MaSsan in regards to the debate. Read the article here.



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