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G0DFRED after his successful debut: ”Fun to disprove the doubters and critics”

av Tobias Lundgren
Oskar ”G0DFRED” Lundström jublar med ADC-kollegan Adrián ”Adryh” Perez efter en seger.
Oskar ”G0DFRED” Lundström jublar med ADC-kollegan Adrián ”Adryh” Perez efter en seger.

He entered the LCS Summer Split as a rookie, taking on the support role in Giants! Gaming who were expected to be this season’s punching bags.
Two weeks into the split, they’ve now presented the perhaps most unexpected performance out of any team in the series, and are sitting in third place going in to week three.
– Of course it’s always fun to disprove the doubters and critics, but that’s nothing we’re exactly discussing within the team, Oskar ”G0DFRED” Lundström tells Aftonbladet Esport.

After the last split concluded, Giants! Gaming ended up second to last and had to qualify to stay in the LCS. Going in to the Summer Split, they were widely considered the favorites to roam the very bottom of the league table. The predictions didn’t change when they recruited an unknown Swede to the all-important support position. But after two weeks, they’ve not proven they’re not pushovers in the series, and have beaten teams like Elements, SK Gaming and Copenhagen Wolves. Meanwhile, the ”unknown Swede” has been lauded by both experts and teammates alike.
– It’s really great to get recognition that you’re improving, at the same time it gives me energy to keep evolving and convincing people. But I still have a lot to learn, Oskar ”G0DFRED” Lundström tells Aftonbladet Esport.

”Never would’ve hoped to get a start this good”

After an initial loss against newcomers Origen, Giants! Gaming have three straight wins. During those three games, G0DFRED has been roaming the Rift with Morgana, meaning he’s now at a hundred percent win rate with the champion.
– Generally it’s a champion that suits me well. The long range skillshots gives you the potential to make some big plays, and it’s always fun to anticipate your opponent’s next move and show them you’re one step ahead.

Now that you’ve settled into the LCS tempo, what are your feelings regarding your first couple of weeks?
– It’s been an amazing time, especially since my teammates have been incredibly nice and really tried their best speaking english even though they sometimes have a hard time explaining things. And that the team has been doing so good is great, I never would’ve hoped to get a start this good.

What’s been your best experience since your debut?
– To be appreciated by all the fans is incredible. The feeling after a game you’ve won, when you go and give the fans ”high fives”, is pretty awesome.

”It helped us to play without pressure”

Before the debut, G0DFRED talked about how he thought it would suit Giants! to be considered the underdogs. Now it seems his prediction has come true, but he says that’s not something him and the team thinks about.
– The underdog position has helped us to play without pressure when people don’t really expect us to win. Of course it’s always fun to disprove the doubters and critics, so that’s a carrot but it’s not really something we discuss within the team.

This week, Giants! face their biggest challenge yet as European Champions Fnatic line up on the other side of the Rift. But filled with confidence from the last couple of weeks, G0DFRED is looking forward to the game.
– Fnatic will definitely be a hard opponent, they’re probably one of the best or the best team in the West right now. But I definitely believe we have a shot even if it will be tough. Despite the outlook I’m really looking forward to matching our strength with some of the best.



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