Locodoco: ”We saw what WE play and we’ll have a good plan for it”

av Tobias Lundgren
Locodoco with Santorin and Bjergsen in the NA LCS earlier this split. Photo: Riot / Flickr
Locodoco with Santorin and Bjergsen in the NA LCS earlier this split. Photo: Riot / Flickr

Team WE cause the upset of lifetime when they beat the undefeated South Korean squad GE Tigers and made their way to the IEM Katowice Grand Finals.
But after watching the upset, Team SoloMid coach Choi ”Locodoco” Yoon-sub promises his team will come well prepared to claim their first international title on Sunday.
– Beating them once is a small advantage, but the bigger advantage is watching them play GE. We saw a lot of what they play and we’re gonna have a good plan for it tomorrow, he tells Aftonbladet Esport.

The Chinese Team WE arrived at IEM Katowice as the worst LPL team this split, with a 1-6-8 record. But after eliminating the top two South Korean teams in one evening, the squad showed that there’s more potential in their lineup than the numbers show.
On Sunday they’ll face North American Team SoloMid, and the TSM coach Choi ”Locodoco” Yoon-sub is as taken aback as anyone by Team WE:s stunning performance.
– I’m pretty surprised, it was not expected. GE are individually skilled so I didn’t think it would be a stomp but I didn’t think WE would win, he tells Aftonbladet Esport. 

You’ve already beaten WE once this tournament, will that give you an advantage in the finals?
– Beating them once is a small advantage but the bigger advantage is watching them play GE, because arguably GE are better than yoe Flash Wolves so we saw a lot of what WE plays and we’re gonna have a good plan for it tomorrow.

How will you prepare before the finals and what are your expectations for the game?
– I’m gonna go home and rewatch the matches then talk to my analysts and players and come up with a good plan. I’d say we’re favored.

You’ve never won an international tournament before, how much would it mean to you to claim the title tomorrow?
– To be completely honest it would be nice, but for me it’s not like much because Worlds is the biggest and this could be just a local tournament. I’m gonna try hard as always but for me it doesn’t have that big of a purse.

Dyrus talked on stage about your squad getting more confidence when playing on international stages. How much of a boost would an IEM win give the team?
– For the individual player it would mean a lot. I think for everyone it would mean a lot. For me we’ve already been playing better than they did in North America so I will be happy regardless if we win or lose, but I’ll be happier if we win.

And Spirit said he’ll be coming after Lustboy in his post-game interview. What do you think Lustboy’s comeback will be?
– It’s just playful banter, he’s not gonna camp bottom all day just for that. I don’t really care that much and I don’t think Lustboy should care either.

Sunday 6PM CET: Team SoloMid vs Team WE



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