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Rekkles: ”We are far from a perfect team – but we can be”

av Björn Ehrnberg, Simon Engstrand
Photo: Riot Gaming Twitch channel

After a spring split filled with disappointing results, the Swedish superstar Martin ”Rekkles” Larsson left Elements and returned ”home” to Fnatic.
Now, a few months after the transfer, Rekkles is facing Unicorns of Love in the semifinals of the summer split.
But despite crushing all oppostion during the regular season he voices his concerns.
– I think those who doubt us are rightfully doing so, we are far from a perfect team, the star says to Aftonbladet Esport.

Fnatic are once again facing Unicorns of Love in an much anticipated game in the playoffs of this years LCS split. In April the two teams squared off in the spring finals, a series Fnatic eventually won.

One player on the current orange and black squad was not on the team that day. Martin ”Rekkles” Larsson had a couple of weeks prior ended the spring season on a low note as Elements finished in an uninspiring 7th place.
This Sunday, the world famous Swedish superstar is once again back in the playoffs after a never before seen 18-0 run by Fnatic in the regular season.

”Everyone on the team is working really hard”

As the important games draws closer, it is a fairly humble Rekkles that Aftonbladet Esport gets a hold of.
– Even though we managed to go undefeated during the regular season, I still think we showcased a lot of weaknesses which could potentially mess up our game, he says.
With Rekkles, the 18 year old ADC-player from the Swedish town of Älvängen, back the Fnatic squad has been delivering their A-game like never before. And Rekkles, who during his time in Elements often looked burdened by the pressure during the unsuccessful split, has appeared all smiles surrounded by his new teammates this past summer. And the mentality of the players might hint at why he feels so comfortable there.
– Everybody in the team is very hard working and motivated, not only towards becoming the best individuals in our respective roles, but also to be the best team that we can be.

”Far from a perfect team”

Few, if any, League of Legends-fans can have forgotten the disheartening loss Fnatic suffered at the hands of OMG in last year’s Worlds. With only a single auto-attack from bringing their foes Nexus down, Fnatic went on to lose the game and eventually missed the playoffs. As this years world championship is looming large on the horizon, Rekkles discloses which teams he fears the most in the World Championships.
– I believe all of the teams who qualify for Worlds will be a threat, Western as well as Eastern. But there’s definitely a couple of ”powerhouses” such as SK Telecom and EDG that everyone’s eyes will be on.

To anyone who doubts Fnatic, what would you say to convince them?
– I think those who doubt us are rightfully doing so, we’re far from a perfect team. But I believe that with time and hard work, we can be.

What has been the key to your success the past split?
– There’s a lot of different things which have all been key, however I believe the biggest difference between us and other European teams would be the strength of our coaching staff (Deilor and company).

On Sunday 5PM, Rekkles and his teammates face Unicorns of Love for a place in the LCS Summer Split finals.
Follow the game at Riot’s official Twitch here.



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