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Dreamhack might bring smash to Austin: ”The city has huge potential”

av Simon Engstrand

For the first time in a long while Dreamhack are set to host smash tournaments in London and Jönköping.
However, according to Evo15 winner Adam ”Armada” Lindgren there are even greater opportunities for Dreamhack when they go to Austin in 2016.
– The interest for smash lies in america and honestly that city has huge potential, Armada tells Aftonbladet Esport.

The Swedish esport giants that are Dreamhack took the Super Smash Bros Melee scene with storm as they announced their new project for the popular fighting game. This year they are set to host two tournaments, one in London and one in Jönköping, Sweden. However, one of the persons behind the project, Evo15 winner Adam ”Armada” Lindgren, sees even greater opportunities for Dreamhack in 2016 when they arrange their first american event in Austin, Texas.
– That Dreamhack picked up smash was something that I very much was involved in, but I’ve not been a part of any discussions about america, Armada tells Aftonbladet Esport and continues:
– The interest for smash lies in USA and honestly that city has huge potential. I hope it happens.

Why is Austin in particular such a good place?
– Honestly it’s not the biggest region, but smash as a whole is much bigger in USA compared to Europe. So a lot more players will be able to go there.

”It’s on our list”

For Dreamhack, smash has been one of the most requested games over the last two years. In talks with Aftonbladet Esport Dreamhacks press contact, Fredrik Nyström, reveals that smash is one of the games considered for the american event.
– It’s been one of the most requested games, but we’ve felt that it hasn’t been the right time. Now with the event in London and Dreamhack Winter we felt that we could fit it in. It’s a very interesting game with a large following both in terms of players and viewers, and of course it’s one of the titles on our list of games that we’re looking at for Dreamhack in USA. However, it’s not completely settled. We are releasing the tickets in the middle of September and will then also present the first information of activities and tournaments, Nyström says.

After the tournaments in London and Jönköping were announced, a lot people from the smash community ment that the Dreamhack titles are going to be some of the most prestigious.

How does it feel getting this kind of response from the community?
– It’s not like we started our career in arranging fighting game tournaments yesterday. For many years we have arranged world class tournaments in Street Fighter, we have done big tournaments in Tekken and if you look at esports overall we are one of the major world players. So I don’t think it’s unreasonable that we are classed as a prestigious tournament, Nyström says and continues:
– People know that there’s going to be a lot of people there and some of the best smash players have already tweeted that they are attending. It’s great to get this kind of response, it means that we did the right choice in supporting smash. Also it gives us the confidence to work more with new games, so we are looking at a couple of other titles for the future.



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